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Tis the season for comfortably loungewear, or rather maybe the year considering it.


We find ourselves indoors more than ever before. Working and playing all in one place. So we have taken it to be comfortable at all times. However let’s not forget to be fashionable. Even if it is just our pet cat seeing us.


Here enters Pink Thunder. A label dedicated to making every girl and woman feel like a boss babe while embossed with bold statements to make any outfit stand out.

There comes a time when we have to step out the house unfortunately. To grab some essentials or that takeaway. Don’t worry though, keep that loungewear on. Match the pink T-shirt to grey jogging bottoms and the black T-shirt to black joggers. Tuck it in! Show off that waistline! Then simply throw on an oversized longline coat in grey for the pink T-shirt and black for the black t-shirt. Throw on some classic simple trainers. Such as Adidas superstars or Vejas and you are good to go.

Now, let’s say your doing a bit more than a quick shop and heading out for a walk or seeing family and want them to see you in more than just sweats to prove you actually make an effort these days.

Grab one of the grey Pink Thunder sweatshirts, find your favourite oversized/ mum fit jeans in a mid dark blue or black and pair them. Get hold of that oversized coat. Match the grey jumper with the grey coat and blue jeans. Black hoodie to black coat and black jeans.

Finish off with some leather Bottega Veneta style biker boots and a padded cassette cross body bag and you are ready to comfortably stroll out the house with style in hand.

Happy Shopping!



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