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It's cold, dark and let's face it, pretty bleak out there. It's been a long year of restrictions meaning our usual movements may have been limited, and for many that has caused extra stress that we simply didn't need! We wanted to share our top tips with you that will make you feel refreshed and re-connected;


  1. Get outside! Even if this is simply for a 5 minute walk, getting some fresh air will get your heart rate going and you'll feel more focussed!
  2. Turn your phone off!...Okay well, at least put it on 'do not disturb'... Blue light exposure is proven to stimulate the mind and slows down our melatonin production - this in halts our body preparing for sleep and instead wakes the brain up. This doesn't have to just be a night either, it's great to utilise this if you're feeling swamped during the day. Remember to create boundaries and give yourself some mental space too!
  3. Breathe! Meditation is amazing to quiet a busy mind. But if you are in a rush or find meditating tricky, then simply focus on your breath. Something as simple as 5x5x5 technique can offer a welcome pause to a worried mind. Simply breath in for 5, hold of 5, and release for 5. Concentrating on your breath will naturally stop your mind from wandering.
  4. Make a list! So much to do, so little time! Whether its on a notepad or your google calendar, get it written down! Prioritising your tasks will not only have you working more efficiently, it will also give you a lovely big dose of dopamine when you mark it off as done.
  5. Do what makes you happy! It's important to take time every week to spend time along doing what you love. Whether that's catching up on your fave tv shows, reading a book or spending time alone - make sure you can factor in  the time to re-connect with yourself after a busy week.

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